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HES 2007M  Plug-In Pigtail Connector

HES 2007M Plug-In Pigtail Connector

MPN: 2007M
Price: $11.29
List Price: $15.00 (Savings: $3.71)


(product and finish may vary from image)

Detailed Description

HES 2007M  Plug-In Pigtail Connector

     *  With convienent 4" wire leads

If you want to use the new, Quik-Wire version 2001M: Plug-in Bridge Rectifier with an old-style electric strike, please utilize a new 2007M: Plug-in Pigtail Connector. Remove the old-style, white connector from the electric strike and connect the free wire-ends to the wire-ends of the 2007M pigtail connector. Plug the black connector at the other end of the 2007M pigtail into the 2001M: Bridge Rectifier and set voltage/finish wiring as directed in the instructions included with the accessory.

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