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About Us



Lock Depot® has rapidly gained widespread recognition as the online portal in which to buy the right security device at a discounted price. Industry professionals are increasingly utilizing our no nonsense direct sales approach to find the best deals on all name brand safety hardware and equipment. The reason is simple; we know what products you need and at what price, because we've used them ourselves for many years.

The original inspiration for the Lock Depot was conceived, albeit unknowingly at the time, over half a century ago. My late grandfather owned and operated a bustling general hardware store located in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts and was an active member of the community. His approach to business was straightforward and sincere as he was often dealing with friends and neighbors. As such the shelves at Farley Hardware were stocked with the products that he in good faith felt his patrons would purchase. After all he knew firsthand the community was filled with hard working and sensible folks not in the habit of spending money just for the sake of it. My grandfather thus considered providing installation service as solely a value-adding and incidental business opportunity. My father, long on forethought, had a different notion and during a spree of house burglaries he seized the moment and soon branched off on his own to start a thriving locksmith company. During the ensuing years he used the buying power of the hardware store to purchase his inventory and soon recognized that beyond the need for his professional services that a large distribution of discounted supplies could create the proverbial win-win situation for both the seller and buyer. Like many a visionary he was a bit early with his idea and nothing tangible materialized at the time, but the seed of innovation had been planted.

The love affair began in my early teens as I worked on the weekends for my father. I was fascinated by the inner workings of each and every lock I installed and thoroughly enjoyed working with and helping the general public. During downtime, when to my father's chagrin we had no service calls to keep us busy, I kept myself active by taking apart and analyzing different components of each lock. It wasn't enough to know that the hardware itself worked, but I wanted to know how and why each tumbler fell into place. My passion grew throughout my high school years and vacation time meant being able to proudly wear the badge of a full time employee. Life was grand as I was literally getting paid to figure out what made things work.

After graduating college with a business degree I slowly immersed myself back full time into my father's business. At first I worked as a bonded technician and once again performed service calls for the company. However, it wasn't long before I began to infuse my newly found knowledge into the day-to-day operations of the business. As time went by my ambitions also grew bolder and with my fathers advise I began considering catalogs and direct mailing to sell inventory, but eventually decided it was too hit or miss and didn't reach our real target audience. We now had a more cultivated idea, but still needed a medium in which to direct sell to a large audience and then came the Internet.

Following in my father's footsteps I soon branched out from the family business and founded the Lock Depot. The main principle that governs my business model is to always provide the customer with the best service at the cheapest price possible. We bring direct from the manufacturer quality at not so everyday prices to our loyal and growing customer base. Whether you place an order from our state of the art online payment system or call us toll free for a consultation on an offered product, we are here to help. We look forward to giving the best service to all our customers for many years to come!


J Langer
Lock Depot Inc