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ALarm Lock Mag Lock kit RR-PM1200PAK



Von Duprin Exit Device - 88 series & 55 series

Von Duprin Exit Device

55 Series
88 Series

These are old school looking devices but do not be fooled, they are heavy duty.units capable of handling extreme commercial applications. 

The 88 series works on normal size door stiles while the 55 series was developed to work on doors and frames with thin stiles. When I was a locksmith doing road work I came across the 88 series often and was always pleased to see it on the door - repairs and adjustments are pretty straight forward compared to many other devices.

88 Series exit device with mortise lock & exterior lever trim

55 Series exit device with an exterior pull handle

Von Duprin makes these crash bars, panic devices or exit devices in many configurations (I have heard them called all three at different times). The standard unit has a heavy duty latch but, they are made with mortise locks and also with top and bottom latches. These exit devices can also be configured with many styles of exterior trim as well

Adams Rite Electric Strike

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